The first part of the blog’s title is easy to explain. In just a few days I’m flying off to Japan to work for 3 months in Tokyo.

As for the moob part let me explain. I recently had a conversation with some friends about what might happen if I took birth control tablets. Not sure why I had such a conversation but one of the possible affects were that it may cause me to grow moobs. And this led to the idea of the Tokyo Moob blog. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

This is going to be a general attempt to write and picture all things strange, surreal, everyday and Japanese during my short stay in the world’s biggest city.

Here are a few examples of what makes Japan so interesting and that’s before I’ve even flown there.

  1.   A single piece of fruit can cost up to £300 in Japan (BBC News article)
  2. Japanese toilets are far more advanced than the rest of the primitive world use every day. While some parts of southern Europe haven’t advanced much beyond holes in the ground, Japanese people can park their arses on heated toilet seats which play gentle music and include a bidet nozzle beneath their lower cheeks.
  3. The most common breakfast in Japan consists of rice, the most common lunch consists of rice and the most common dinner consists of rice!
  4. 24 people have died in Japan because of bowing and hitting heads.
  5. Sumo is the national sport and traditionally younger wrestlers are required to wash their older colleagues all over!

So you can see that my time in Japan promises to bedazzle me every step I take!